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Hazmat Products

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Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, sold to Commercial Institutional Users in case lots only. Not For Home Use. Product is to be used only by qualified maintenance personnel wearing required protective body gear and who have and apply a clear understanding of proper use and precautions of this product according to information provided on Label and MSDS (two sides). Sold for use as a Drain Line Opener to dissolve and liquefy hair, paper, grease, tobacco, tea bags, cloth and other organic obstructions quickly in plugged up lines. Always use with adequate ventilation. Never enter a confined area product has been added into. Never add product before or after to a line containing hot water, any other drain line cleaners, chemicals, alkalis or plaster waste. Flush with cold water after allotted working time for clearing obstruction. CAUTION: Product is POISON... CORROSIVE to Eyes and Skin, Causes Severe Burns, Harmful or Fatal if Swallowed. Neutralize with Sodium Carbonate (washing soda) or Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda


Sewer Pipe Cleaner. Chemically heats and physically agitates interior pipe wall residues to open blocked drains and sewer pipes. A red and silver caustic alkaline powder that contains a multitude of aluminum chips to effect a very powerful and effective treatment. Low sudsing, activated by moisture, contains a tracer dye. Directions: For small lines... Add a cup of fresh cool or lukewarm water to drain. Being careful to not splatter, add one heaping tablespoon to 1/4 cup of product slowly to line. Follow with water. For larger lines of 4" or more, increase the amount of product to one cup or more, adding slowly. Again add water. Wait one minute before testing flow. Repeat if still running slow. CAUTION: Never Use THERMATE in combination with any sulfuric acid or other type of drain line cleaner. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Provide Good Ventilation and Do Not Enter Confined Space. Wear Protective Face Gear, Rubber Gloves and Long Sleeve Shirt. Store in dry area with lids tight to keep out moisture.


Oxygen Stabilizer -Oxygen Producer -Sewage Digester. Increases oxygen level. Neutralizes hydrogen sulfide odors. Increases capacity of over-loaded sewer systems. Will not harm beneficial organic matter. Effective in all sewer treatment facilities. Not affected by temperature, even sub-zero. Improves sludge filterability and increases yield of centrifuged solids. Removes large amounts of B.O.D. and suspension solids from primary effluent. Increases the rate of sludge dewatering and drying in sand beds. Lessens corrosive acids from forming. Environmentally safe at recommended use. Directions: Imhoff Tanks... Add Restore directly onto scum blanket and/or solids. Digesters...(1) Open Type -Point of addition and volume of product will depend on individual plant design, but can be applied by pouring of product onto top solids before bar screen and/or cumulator, and before grit removal chamber; (2) Floating Top -Apply around exploded edges or in section covers. Lagoons... Add 1 gallon per 250,000 to 500,000 gallons of influent just before entry or can be poured around edges at 500 foot intervals. Aerated Systems... Add at plant entry 1 gallon for each 250,000 to 500,000 gallons of raw sewage.